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Mediterraneo is a fragrance that evokes the emotion of the sea, an intriguing mix of precious woods and saline tones. An essence with a fresh tone but at the same time structured with notes of musk and patchouli on the base. Surely it is a fragrance for lovers of fresh and saline notes for an olfactory journey through the scents of the Mediterranean.

500 ml size in PET including bamboo sticks

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Olfactory Notes

Top Notes

The head of the composition has a saline and woody note at the same time with vague references even to freshly cut grass

Body note

In the body of the fragrance opens a bouquet also of flowers and hawthorn with predominant notes of fine woods

Final note

In the final part of the fragrance the woody notes of cedar and patchouli with an intriguing mix of sea moss and vanilla make this fragrance a re-enactment of the sea and its perfumes



50 ml spray - gift idea, accessory for cabinets or very small spaces

Home fragrances
For a good diffusion of the fragrance we recommend:
for rooms from 5 to 10 square meters * 1 or 2 bottles of 250 ml
for rooms from 10 to 20 sqm * 1 or 2 bottles of ml.500
for rooms from 20 to 30 square meters * 1 or 2 bottles of 1000 ml
for rooms from 30 to 50 square meters * 1 or 2 bottles of 3000 ml
for large rooms over 50 square meters * 1 or 2 bottles of 5,000 ml
(* the recommended choice is calculated on a ceiling height from 3 m to 4.50 m)

To adjust the intensity of the fragrance, all or just some of the bamboo sticks added, one or more times a day.

The duration of a fragrance depends on the size of the environment in which it is located, its temperature, direct sunlight and air currents that can accelerate evaporation.
However, there are a few tricks for far the longest fragrance:

the whole purchase of the diffuser combines a refill of the same fragrance to be used in small quantities, but with greater frequency. In this way it is possible to keep the level of the liquid always at the height of the bend avoiding that the quantity of oxygen in the bottle affects the evaporation speed too much keep the fragrance as far away as possible from heat sources
combine the whole area that wishes to perfume the most proportioned bottle size



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